frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a Personal Chef and Private Chef ?

A Personal Chef works for multiple clients and families to provide healthy, customized meals cooked in their homes on a weekly, bi-weekly and/or monthly basis.

A Private Chef may also work for one client or one family, or is hired for one special event.

I am happy to provide both Personal & Private Chef Services and can travel to your destination upon request.

What is Our First Step?

First, we arrange a complimentary meeting where I will learn about your food preferences (and dislikes!) and your dietary needs. You will fill out a questionnaire that is specially prepared for you. This will give me the knowledge to customize a menu specially created for your needs. If we meet at your home, I will also check your refrigerator and oven for temperature accuracy. Typically our meeting will last 45 to 60 minutes. Please be warned I love people and love talking about food so we may run a little longer.

What Kind of Food Do You Cook?

My love for food has no boundaries. I love to create true, fresh layers of flavor- whether it's Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Mediterranean, Thai or American comfort food. I will cook your favorite dishes, so tell me about a recent trip and your favorite meal, and I will recreate that point in time for you again. Take a look at my sample menus.

Do You Only Cook Dinners?

I also prepare packaged lunches for your children for school. I can also prepare a fabulous lunch for you to enjoy at work. Additional sides are available upon request. An extra charge may be applicable.

Do You Cook in My Kitchen?

Yes, I will prepare all meals in your kitchen, on your scheduled date. All shopping is completed before I arrive so your food is as fresh as possible. I also bring my own cookware and utensils. After the food is prepared and cooled to correct temperatures, I will package and label all containers with easy directions before storing them in your refrigerator and freezer.

I clean and sanitize your kitchen (sorry I don't clean houses!). However, I do leave your home with wonderful aromas.

How Much Time Do You Spend Preparing Meals at My Home?

Time spent at your home depends on the type of service I am providing. I also must take the menu plan you have chosen into consideration. Typically a service can be 5-8 hrs from shopping to clean-up.

Do I Have to be Home When You Are There Cooking?

No, many of my clients are not home when I'm there on my regularly scheduled cooking service date. They provide me with keys or access/alarm codes when necessary.

Are You Licensed, Bonded or Insured?

Yes, my business is in compliance of local regulations and laws. I am insured and I have an insurance policy that provides coverage for bodily injury, property damage and product liability through a group policy from the United States Chef Association. More information is available upon request.

What is the United States Personal Chef Association ?

The U.S.P.C.A. is the world's largest and most recognized professional association for Personal Chefs. I am proud to be a premium member.

How Do Frozen Meals Taste Fresh When Thawed?

When I prepare your meals, I use proven cooling and packaging methods endorsed by the United States Personal Chef Association. I also offer a fresh deluxe daily service- every meal is prepared, packaged and stored in your refrigerator. The client and I will select 3 days per week to prepare the meals.

How Long Will Food Last in My Freezer?

Most dishes will last for at least a month and there are some that can be kept frozen for up to 3 months. I will always label your containers with expiration dates so you will always be safe and enjoy them as if they were frozen yesterday.

Can I Just Order Only Entrees or Just Sides?

Yes. I will create your wishes!

How is the Food Packaged?
Do I Have to Buy My Own Containers?

I will educate you about this fine art during our initial consultation. Your many options include tempered glass (Pyrex), Alcan Tuxedo aluminum, typical aluminum and Pressware paperboard containers- great for oven, microwave and freezer use. They may be reusable or disposable- and I will detail at greater lengths when we meet.

Are Gift Certificates Available?

Yes- many of my clients find them the perfect gift for any occasion (and for those that seem to have everything!)