After college, I found my life balance splitting my passion creating a service business and a happy family life which lasted 32 years. After my loving wife passed I had lost my balance. As we know, life has many twists and turns for us all. I came to Florida to take care of my mother, and who recently passed away from cancer. She had given my life balance again through her love and joy of my cooking. She enjoyed my use of fresh herbs and spices, the way I was able to find her taste buds after the devastating affects of chemotherapy. I had given her my gift of love: the beautiful presentation of fresh colors, textures, and aromas. She gave me a wonderful compliment and said, "Everyday Robert, you create an artistic, flavorful mosaic food masterpiece from your heart to mine and I am so grateful." I am also grateful to my mom for her great love but also for giving me my "life balance" back again. Hence the idea and name, The Mosaic Chef.

I had also created mosaic accessory kitchen door knobs for my mom which had brightened her day. I created some with colorful mixes and petite porcelain flowers, and I can still see her smiling today. She inspired me so much that I present a special gift of these mosaic pieces of art to every one of my clients, while she is with me in every kitchen smiling.

I shared many trips to Italy with my late wife where our love for fresh food blossomed. We also enjoyed our culinary education together in Tuscany. I followed up my education in Italy at the Culinary Business Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. Once completed, I rounded out my culinary skills at the United States Sommelier Association Wine School in Miami, Florida.

Life is a microcosm of mosaic imagination. In my world, food is a creation of passionate imagination which include all colors all textures. Nature's bounties are my artful mosaic pieces which I will use to enhance your sense of sight, smell and taste. As you see the plated beauty before you, enticing aromas, texture sensations as you take your first bite, now you have climbed the peek, the existential experience, nirvana of healthy taste.